Revizto unveils ‘fully functional’ phone app

Image of the Revizto phone app
Revizto’s ‘fully functional’ phone app will be available from 12 April.

The app was launched at the collaboration platform’s first global user conference in February. It was also promoted direct to some UK customers at a field day in London last week.

At the London event, Revizto chief executive Arman Gukasyan said: “The app is extremely optimised. We viewed a Jacobs project that was a 40GB file with 400 models and 10,000 sheets and a point cloud – the app flew.”

On the app, users can access all of their project data, including sheets and 3D models, and track issues. According to Revizto, this will enable them to review and collaborate on project information from anywhere, at any time.

The app is for iOS and Android and will be part of customers’ subscriptions.

Other developments set for this year include a redesign of the scheduling tool. “You can schedule your tasks incoming and outgoing, you can schedule your clash automation,” Gukasyan said. Users will also be able to set any number of customer statuses in the issue tracker and name them to match their internal workflows.

A v2 of the public API is also being developed (the first version was released in December).

Gukasyan noted that Revizto is used on more than 30,000 active projects and has more than 250,000 global users. He said: “We want to be the central collaboration hub and always platform agnostic.

Last year, Revizto ran more than 30 field days, with 45 planned for this year. The events, such as the London edition, are ‘show and tells’. “People should come and share their knowledge with no restrictions,” Gukasyan said.

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