Roach Matthews Architects adopts Atvero for document management

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Small architectural practice Roach Matthews Architects has adopted the Atvero platform for document management.

Roach Matthews Architects director James Roach explained the practice’s requirements for a document management solution: “We were looking for a system that could help us control all drawings and documents in one place.

“We wanted a system that inherently contains all project information and allows every team member to collaborate on the same platform. A system that can help with improving some very important, but often disregarded administrative elements in business management and general running of projects.”

Roach Matthews implemented Atvero as its main document management solution. Built on Microsoft 365, Atvero brings a unified cloud-based document control system to manage all project records on one SharePoint-based platform.

The platform adds AEC standardisations to SharePoint and Teams. These include automated issue registers, intelligent document revisioning, transmittals with full audit trails, ISO 19650 naming scheme compliance, and design system integrations such as Revit, AutoCAD or BIM360 add-in workflows. And via the Microsoft 365 platform, Atvero users can collaborate in the cloud, with their data protected by Microsoft.

James Roach

“We wanted a system that inherently contains all project information and allows every team member to collaborate on the same platform.”

James Roach

“Atvero helps with productivity as it takes a lot of user errors out of day-to-day running. This means we can focus more on doing the things that we enjoy doing,” Roach added. “Everyone in our practice can work on accurate and consistent information while people at the higher hierarchy of the firm can always review information to make sure things are not sent out without approval. By making the most of Atvero, we can reduce our reliance on other software.”

Needs of small practices

Atvero director Marcus Roberts said: “For any architectural firm, having a secure and organised system to manage documents is critical to improving project performance and increasing profitability. For small practices, investing in the correct document management solution means team members can focus more on delivering quality projects, thanks to speedier processes and streamlined workflows that are traditionally manual.”

He added: “The key for small architectural firms to win business success is to work more billable hours, but this does not mean they need to work more hours in general. To improve productivity and avoid having to work overtime to process large workloads, it is beneficial for small teams of architects to reduce time spent on admin duties, especially non-billable ones, and invest more time in billable tasks. This is when a document management software solution becomes useful.”

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