UK lead in making BIM compulsory

The use of BIM is likely to become compulsory on all construction projects commissioned by the Russian government from 2019.

An announcement made by Mikhail Menn, head of the construction, housing and utilities ministry, during the ProEstate Forum for international property companies in Moscow, was reported in a Russian construction magazine last week.

Menn was reported as saying that the Russian government had been influenced by the “interesting” British experience in the field of BIM technologies implementation.

He claimed that the UK government’s use of BIM was directly responsible for a 30% reduction in construction cost: “Their experience showed that we, in Russia, are heading in a 100% right direction.”

Governments around the world have urged the use of BIM to get more value for money from their capital investment projects. The UK is in the forefront of these efforts by making the use of Level 2 BIM – which requires collaborative working using common design formats – compulsory as of April this year.

A guide to what progress countries around the world are making in digitising their construction industries is available here (

This article first appeared ion BIM+’s sister publication Global Construction Review.

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  1. The article published by the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK shows a perspective on how a mandate can be developed.
    Also available here:

    Approaches may vary, but enabling through contractual and financial imperatives will help to engage the whole supply chain.

    Best wishes

  2. I work in Hong Kong and can assure you that BIM is not government mandated. It is recommended, not compulsory. There are only guidelines.

    Here, the general perception amongst practitioners is that the UK is a leader in this regard. Scotland, for whatever reason, is not regarded individually despite scoring higher than the rest of the UK according to the report…

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