Security robot to be trialled on construction sites

An autonomous security patrol robot developed by an Edinburgh-based technology start-up is to be tested on construction sites.

The robot, called Ziva, has been developed by Casta Spes Technologies, run by 24-year-old Heriot-Watt University graduates Selby Cary and Michael McDonald.

The robot can accommodate various sensor types

The two-wheeled robot provides 360-degree CCTV coverage and is designed to be driven remotely or set automatically to patrol specified routes using sensors and autonomous navigation. The company claims it can save 92% on the cost of a manned patrol.

It can also be modified to include licence plate recognition and threat classification.

The machine, which can travel on different terrains including grass and gravel at speeds of up to 19kmh, is primarily aimed at taking on perimeter security roles in remote areas or locations with limited infrastructure such as warehouses, industrial properties and construction sites.

The firm said it was working with “high-profile” construction firms, although it declined to name them until its trial partnerships were complete.

Cary said: “Scotland is fast becoming the robotics capital of Europe with the National Robotarium under construction in Edinburgh and the city playing host to some of the world’s leading robotics experts.

“We believe Scotland’s capital is the ideal springboard from which to launch Ziva. Furthermore, the terrain and weather conditions are ideal for testing. Once we knew we had something that could work in the Scottish weather, we were confident we could get it to work anywhere.”

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