Sir Robert McAlpine implements bespoke CDE from Bentley’s Business Collaborator

Sir Robert McAlpine has adopted a common data environment (CDE) from SaaS provider Business Collaborator (BC), now part of Bentley Systems.

McAlpine selected BC’s BC Enterprise+ CDE, which was tailored to its bespoke requirements.

Compatible with both McAlpine’s and its supply chain’s existing systems, BC is aligned with BIM standards PAS 1192 and ISO 19650. The latter enforces consistency by way of common naming conventions to ensure project data can be accessed and managed efficiently.

Working and steering groups were formed in order to enable decision-making and drive the implementation process to its completion.

Gareth Parkes, head of data & analytics at Sir Robert McAlpine and member of the formative steering group, commented: "It was a collaborative effort all-round, between ourselves, BC and information management consultant, Concentre Consulting. We had a great team with the right support in place to make it a very straightforward process."

In implementing the new CDE, McAlpine is also working with information management provider, Amodal. Michael Barber, director and co-founder of Amodal, said: "I have been working with McAlpine for the past year defining the strategy on how to implement BC’s platform. It has been a real privilege supporting their move towards becoming a data-driven company and we look forward to continuing the relationship as McAlpine’s implementation partner." 

Our users have the opportunity to see everything they need to on a single window. This degree of visibility is essential.– Gareth Parkes, Sir Robert McAlpine

Parkes continued: "The structure of BC’s solution is extremely flexible – it is modern and intuitive. For our end-users, this really helps with usability and accessibility. Our users, for instance, have the opportunity to see everything they need to on a single window. This degree of visibility is essential for all members of the project teams to make quick, informed decisions."

McAlpine’s previous solution hadn’t given the end-users optimum flexibility when managing project data.

Sandra Popple, project systems manager at McAlpine, said: "With BC’s CDE, we feel empowered to make specific changes, which is a real benefit. This is particularly crucial as many of our clients have their own requirements that we need to accommodate. The flexibility of BC’s workflows enables us to have more than one person accessing the information needed to make important decisions regarding the projects."

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