Software puts structural engineers central to BIM workflows

Belgian software developer SCIA has launched a new programme which enables designers to convert structural models from any 3D structural software to create high quality and accurate analysis models.

SCIA, part of the Nemetschek Group, has collaborated with sister company Allplan to produce AutoConverter, which it says will reduce the tedious tasks for structural engineers, allowing more time for calculation and analysis. “They often have to recreate the models, losing hours and days on tedious, repetitive tasks. They have to handle changes in the structural model, often with difficulty, frustration and risk of incomplete data, whilst their efforts are better spent elsewhere,” says the company.

Hilde Sevens, chief executive officer of SCIA, says: “BIM is becoming a more important process for the engineering world. SCIA has always been a frontrunner in BIM and today with the SCIA AutoConverter we are taking the next big step. We are very proud to be the first to deliver an OpenBIM solution for structural engineers. Get ready for a change, because the engineers will now be able to get fully integrated into the BIM workflow and save tremendous time, free from product dependency.”

SCIA claims AutoConverter will bring the following benefits:

  • Bring engineers fully into BIM: Structural engineers and modellers are brought together to collaborate effectively in an easy-to-use OpenBIM workflow. A cloud-based application allows engineers to quickly convert 3D structural models from any CAD software to high-quality analysis models.
  • Save time, eliminate remodelling: Convert any 3D structural model into a high-quality and accurate analysis model automatically, without the need for time-consuming remodelling and re-entering data from scratch.
  • Allow engineers to collaborate through a central cloud storage and management platform powered by Allplan Bimplus, where all participants have the latest information available. Thanks to the built-in revision and change management, any changes made to the structural model are automatically updated in the analysis model with no loss of analysis data. In turn, any changes in the analysis model are visible and traceable in the structural model. 

Nigel Rees, business strategy manager and strategic project lead at Allplan, says: “The combination of Allplan’s Bimplus and SCIA’s AutoConverter offers an open and integrated BIM workflow, enabling engineers and modelers to develop analytical models from any source with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before, answering the demand of our collective customers for a reliable solution.

“The partnership between SCIA and Allplan brings together many years of expertise. Together we are delivering ground-breaking technology to disrupt the industry once again.”

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