One week left: Is BIM working for you?

BIM+ and Construction Manager are once again looking to gauge the depth and breadth of BIM uptake within the industry. Our annual BIM survey is now open and we want to hear your views and experiences on how BIM is impacting working practices.

The survey closes for entries on Friday the 3rd March.

Last year we had nearly 600 responses to our online questionnaire, which revealed that there was patchy client uptake and weak understanding of BIM’s fundamental standards.

With BIM being mandated in April 2016 for all central government-procured projects, last year was a huge year BIM. We aim to find out to what degree the mandate has encouraged greater adoption and understanding within the industry.

The results of the survey will help us provide in-depth commentary into the progress of BIM across the industry and specific behaviours, including the extent of its adoption by private sector clients.

CM and BIM+’s annual BIM survey can be found here.

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  1. My general comment is that there is still too much focus on the technology and systems and not the business processes/efficiency and outcomes expected from the use of BIM.

    There are great advantages to be gained from the supply chain if the appropriate data standards are defined and there client has the processes and systems to get the best from this date as key outcome the BIM principles

  2. The adoption of BIM is being hindered by the fact most of the industry does not want to change. They do not see the benefits, only the costs. Manufacturers have not bought into the MEP side. They provide dumb 3D models from which we have to create families, negates the perceived time saving. Established companies do not want to change their processes and believe they do things just as well as BIM would because they do not understand it and do not want to. Consultants are using it as an excuse to provide even more pathetic attempts at design and clients are not checking the consultants work so are shocked when we tell them the real cost of installing a practical and functional design.

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