Tech tie-up to boost AR visualisation of infrastructure

Using augmented reality (AR) as a tool to manage and visualise hidden infrastructure assets has been boosted by a partnership between two technology companies.

UK geospatial specialist MGISS and Canada-based vGIS have joined forces to transform traditional GIS, BIM and CAD data into AR visualisations.

A specialist in the use of geospatial technology in the utility, infrastructure and environment sectors, MGISS has been looking to offer clients improved spatial data quality that communicates complex, asset dense, 3D environments in an accessible way. The tie-up allows users of vGIS augmented and mixed reality visualisation technology to access AR visualisations from any suitable smart device. 

Using the vGIS system, field personnel can see an augmented view that includes holographic infrastructure objects, improving environmental assessments and increasing situational awareness.

Mike Darracott, managing director and founder of MGISS, said: “Initiatives such as digital twinning and the expectation of ‘business as usual’ operations require the capture and representation of increasing complex real-world environments. Asset owners and operators face a number of challenges and opportunities, including the need to improve safety, reduce risk and ensure what lies beneath our feet meets future infrastructure needs.

“vGIS understands the needs and the challenges facing these sectors – and goes further than any other AR solution by providing a full range of 3D spatial data capabilities, all within a platform that works with existing enterprise systems and data structures.”

Alec Pestov, founder and CEO of vGIS, added: “Value is often hidden deep within the structure of data. By helping people ‘see’ data in more intuitive ways, they gain new insights and can subsequently do more with that information. That’s been the core operating philosophy of vGIS, and we’re looking forward to joining forces to deliver augmented and mixed reality visualisations in the UK.”

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