Designs executed in the CADS Revit extension can be forwarded to the project BIM model for construction coordination on site
Images: AI SpaceFactory
The lift assist device can handle material weighing up to 61kg
Picture: An example of what the homes could look like (Accord)
ointfuse’s mesh models reduce the working data size by a factor of up to 100
Image: Benjamin Hofer/Digital Building Technologies
Image: Jeff Redmond/
Image: Kts/
 Image: Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies
Image: Purdue’s AutoIC Lab develops and leverages advanced technologies to support construction engineering and management, construction automation, and sustainable infrastructure, including BIM
Example of a printed concrete element (Concreative)
Image: Watthana Yaimongkhon/
Image: Boston Dynamics
Image: The Urbach Tower (ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart)