Tips of the Trade: Preparing for BIM

Preparing for BIM

01 Embrace the vision

Build your understanding of how BIM projects will operate and how management of information may differ to traditional contracts. You will need as many of your staff as possible to become advocates of the technology.

02 A document management system is the key

The management of model files, emails, documents and drawings will have a major part to play in the transition from current ways of working to BIM. A document management system (DMS) provides a common framework and will instill the disciplines needed to create, distribute, access and archive information in a controlled and audited way

03 Choose the right BIM implementation tools

Review the software available to determine which is most suited to your business. Free tools such as Tekla BIMsight offer a cost-free entry point to open, combine building models and interrogate the models to abstract information. Other tools such as Navisworks, Nemetschek and Bentley Projectwise are also worth investigation.

04 Upgrade your IT and internet

BIM needs bandwidth and powerful PCs to operate. If your internet access or file sharing capabilities are slow or non-existent you need to take action to upgrade.

05 Education

Rethink your existing processes and bring your staff up to speed. Estimators, planners, contract managers, site managers and facilities managers may all require training on how to interrogate the model and access the information they need.

By Nikki Annison from document management specialist Union Square. The company is running a series of free BIM seminars, visit http://seminars.unionsquaresoftware.com

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