Top clients outline tech strategies at Digital Construction Summit 2020

This year’s Digital Construction Summit plays host to some of the industry’s biggest clients, who will be discussing their their digital strategies.

Landsec head of design innovation and property solutions Neil Pennell will explain why digital is an enabler for the developer’s new ‘kit of parts’ office construction concept, which it has developed with Bryden Wood.

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3 June 2020

America Square Conference Centre, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB

Dan Hollas, fire safety projects director at the UK’s biggest housing association, Clarion, will explain how digital models and data are central to fire safety and asset management, following the Grenfell tragedy and Dame Judith Hackitt’s call for a ‘golden thread’ of building information.

Heathrow digital director Jon Kerbey will explain the role of digital and data in the airport’s third runway project. Other digital perspectives will come from Javed Edahtally, BIM programme lead at Public Health England and Roy Evans, client solutions lead at the Government Property Agency (Cabinet Office).

The Digital Construction Summit takes place on 3 June 2020 at the America Square Conference Centre in the City of London.

This key annual event for digital decision-makers in the built environment sector will bring together government, clients, contractors, architects, consultants and suppliers, who will assess construction’s digital progress, and examine the policies, trends and innovations that will shape the industry over the coming years. 

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