Turn it up! You can now design sound into your 3D model

Sound simulation in 3D modelling image from Treble Technologies
Image: Treble Technologies
A sound simulation platform has been launched that integrates with 3D modelling software.

Treble Technologies, a start-up in Iceland, developed the platform, known as Treble. It enables engineers, designers, architects and developers to design and virtually prototype sound experiences.

According to the start-up, “guesswork, physical prototypes and measurements were commonly employed when designing sound and acoustics”, yielding sub-optimal results.

With Treble, users can perform analysis and design of sound in an entirely software-based process. Furthermore, Treble also provides users with the ability to dive into immersive audio-visual virtual renderings of designs. This allows stakeholders to not just see how their designs will look, but to simultaneously hear exactly how they will sound in real life.

The platform leverages Treble’s proprietary wave-based simulation technology. This “offers a level of accuracy and reliability that was previously unobtainable in the architectural and engineering fields”, the start-up claimed.

Successful testing

The Treble platform has been in an open beta testing phase leading up to the launch. The likes of architectural firms Bjarke Ingels Group and Henning Larsen, engineering consultancy COWI and Saint-Gobain have used the platform.

The platform has been used on projects such as the design of the new Uppsala Town Hall in Sweden and the Carl H Lindner College of Business in Cincinnati to ensure appropriate acoustics and soundscapes.

Dr Finnur Pind, chief executive and co-founder of Treble, said: “The launch of Treble represents a huge step in the evolution of sound design across different sectors. Sound has a major impact on people’s health, wellbeing, productivity and ability to communicate. Yet the world today is plagued with noise and low-quality sound experiences. For too long, engineers and designers have lacked the tools to harness the power of sound and design great sound experiences.

“With Treble, users can now visualise how their designs will look, as well as listen to how the acoustics will manifest, and do so in an efficient manner.”

Acoustic engineers Dr Pind and Jesper Pedersen founded Treble Technologies in 2020. It now has more than 30 people.

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