SMEs targeted with Back to BIM Basics initiative

The UK BIM Alliance will launch a Back to BIM Basics initiative in the first half of 2021, addressing the lack of BIM adoption among SMEs.

The initiative will comprise short instructional videos and virtual events that will answer the five most common questions that businesses ask about BIM:

  • What is BIM?
  • Why adopt BIM?
  • How do I implement BIM?
  • What is the right software to use?
  • How do I effectively manage my data?

The videos and events will be multi-disciplinary covering the full project life cycle.

Introducing the initiative during the Alliance’s Q4 Forum, leader of its South West arm and director of Evolve Consultancy Nigel Davies said: “If you can answer those questions, you are ‘doing BIM’. This is not experts saying: ‘thou shalt do’; it’s trying to get the perspectives of people in the industry – it’s ‘by the people, for the people’.

“In the past two years, every report that comes out has some comment about digital skills and the level of understanding in the industry. We’ve made great efforts across the Alliance to address this, the BIM4 groups, the communities and some absolutely fantastic resources [for example], but even with that guidance, we’re still bombarded with acronyms that we understand and use in everyday conversation, but the general industry doesn’t.

“And ISO 19650 – as great as it is – introduces a whole series of terms that people simply don’t understand: appointing party, federation strategies – all these things are new.

“People don’t understand what it means to them and their business. We’ve got to simplify this and talk about it in a language that everyone understands and sees the relevance for them.”

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  1. I think that this initiative for the adoption of BIM is commendable and will reward participants manyfold, Alan

  2. Moving the BIM Standards behind a paywall was a retrograde step.

  3. This initiative is really welcomed.

    There is a robust logic throughout the ISO 19650 framework. It does introduce some new concepts and clarifies existing ones previous guidance in PAS 1192; so new terms are needed for those. Devising and deploying a federation strategy is useful new thing; explaining them more with how they relate to existing practices will be very helpful.

    Other ISO 19650 terminology like ‘Appointing Party’ were necessary for the ‘I’ (international) in ISO but many find them to be distracting synonyms for words that are widely and well recognized like Client or embedded in the industry like Employer. Addressing that in this new guidance by perhaps localising it even more to the UK would be helpful as well.

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