Unity announces tie-up with Navisworks

Unity is adding support for Navisworks, enabling the use of Unity Reflect for BIM coordination.

The move follows the launch last year of Unity Reflect with support for Revit as part of the company’s strategic collaboration with Autodesk, and the subsequent support for more design tools and platforms, including SketchUp, Rhino and Android.

The Navisworks tie-up enhances the user experience and makes collaboration in real-time 3D accessible for non-developers, including designers, building owners and contractors. Additionally, the Unity Reflect Viewer enables users to send projects to unlimited numbers of clients and collaborators without charge.

By extending its partnership with Autodesk, Unity Reflect’s metadata support for Navisworks means AEC companies can improve BIM coordination, visualise design clashes, and better coordinate engineering reviews.

Among other new benefits are enhanced visual quality, multi-threading for faster model loading on mobile, and improved navigation to allow users to easily move around a scene. As a result, less development work is now required at the user end.

Further improvements include post-effects adjustments, slight Bloom increase, glass transparency, light reflections, Sun Study tool, Tonemapping set to Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), and activated Screen Space Reflection. And there are new navigation features such as teleport mode, two-finger drag, and easy-model reset to make gestures and model interactions more intuitive on any device, including iOS, Android, PC, and now Mac. 

The cloud hosting beta is available to all Unity Reflect users. It delivers the option to host projects on-premise or in the cloud, allowing users to push data to mobile devices and share models with users outside of a network.

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