UWE wins Project of the Year in computing awards

The University of the West of England, Bristol, has won BIM Project of the Year in the 2018 Construction Computing Awards.

UWE Bristol impressed the judges with its innovative approach to its campuses and facilities management.

Mike Ford, UWE’s digital BIM manager, who leads the digital campus innovations team within estates and facilities, chose Revizto, a real-time issue tracking tool to give confidence and transparency during a whole project lifecycle.

Ford said: “The initial attraction was solving the problem of enabling maintenance staff to access asset information embedded within the model when they are onsite. Since bringing Revizto in-house the use has expanded dramatically, and it is now in use on all of our BIM projects.”

UWE has been using Revizto on its five active projects, including the two largest – Bristol Business School (£55m) and The Engineering Building (£45m).

“Revizto has greatly improved our project collaboration across platforms,” said Ford. “Easy access to the 3D environment without the need for Revit or Navisworks training or the expensive licenses, and the seamless integration between platforms makes processes quicker and therefore adds value.”

The Revizto software allows UWE to identify, assign, and manage all project changes from the desktop or in the field. Ford added: “Revizto is changing the way to interact with models and allowing us to replace old processes that would have traditionally been carried out using paper drawings.”

The Winners

  • Innovation of the Year: Chalkstring Ltd for Chalkstring
  • One to Watch Company: Vectorworks
  • Best Use of IT in a Construction Project in 2018: Excitech with BIM 360 for Balfour Beattyfor the Manchester Engineering Campus Development Project
  • Best Use of IT in an Infrastructure Project in 2018: Glider Technology with GliderBIM for the A14 Upgrade
  • BIM Project of 2018: Revizto for UWE Bristol: Welcome to the Digital Age!
  • Collaboration Project of 2018: Asite with Adoddle for Cambridge University CDE
  • Team of 2018: EasyBuild (Construction Software) with SPL Powerlines UK for The Midland Mainline Delivery Team
  • Health and Safety Software of 2018: I3P Consortiumwith 3D RepoforSafetiBase
  • Training Software/Provider of the Year: Viewpoint Professional Services Team
  • Cloud Technology of 2018: 3D Repo for Digital Cloud Platform
  • BIM Product of 2018: Graphisoft for ARCHICAD 22
  • Architectural Design Software of 2018: Autodesk for AEC Collection
  • Structural Design Product of 2018: Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd forTekla Structural Designer
  • Collaboration Product of 2018: Viewpoint for Viewpoint for Projects
  • Document and Content Management Product of 2018: Newforma for Project Center
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software of 2018: EasyBuild (Construction Software) Ltd for EasyBuild
  • Estimation and Valuation Software of 2018: CCS for Candy
  • Construction Accounting Product of 2018: Integrity Software for Evolution M
  • Construction Financials Suite of 2018: RedSky IT for Summit
  • Project Lifecycle Management Software of 2018: IFS for Applications 9
  • Project Management/Planning Product of 2018: Elecosoft forPowerproject
  • Mobile/Field Technology App of 2018: Graphisoft for BIMx
  • Hardware Product of the Year: HP for Z series Workstation
  • Channel Partner of 2018: Excitech
  • Editor’s Choice of 2018: ALLPLAN
  • Product of the Year 2018: Bentley Systems for ProjectWise CONNECT Edition
  • Company of the Year 2018: SolibriUK Ltd
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