Video | 3D printer robots build biodegradable sculpture at Venice Biennale

3D printer robots from ABB Robotics have built a biodegradable sculpture at the Venice Biennale.

The installation, designed by Austrian architectural bureau MAEID, is claimed to be the largest 3D printed biodegradable structure ever made and is meant to “inspire architects about the possibilities of automation and 3D printing, driving innovation and enabling new ways of building”.

Having built what is essentially a garden, the robots are monitoring the garden (including watering the seeds) throughout the biennale using sensors and AI.

According to a recent survey of nearly 2,000 built environment professionals carried out for ABB, 90% of construction businesses predict a skills crisis by 2030, with 81% saying they will introduce robots in the next 10 years.

Sami Atiya, president of ABB’s robotics & discrete automation business area, said: “A new focus on health, safety and sustainability are catalysts for investment in robotics, while the shrinking pool of skilled labour means the construction industry needs robots to help keep pace with the challenges of urbanisation and climate change.”

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