Virtual planning platform allows public consultations from the home

In an effort to change the way the public experiences a consultation, an immersive 360 solution has been created so planners can showcase their ideas with the local community, without anyone leaving their home.

EyeSiteView, a division of Oasis Studio, has launched the Virtual Consultation platform, creating a virtual solution for planners and architects to gain public opinion of their projects, without having to host an in-person event.

Delivered online, in an immersive 360 environment, visitors can view and experience all the information about a future development in an engaging, interactive way. The content can be accessed 24/7 via a smartphone, computer or tablet – from the comfort of an armchair or sofa.

EyeSiteView associate director, Tony Buck, explains: “Public consultations are an excellent example of a process that can be enhanced with virtual technology. The tool is primarily aimed towards planning consultants, constructions companies and local authorities.

In an immersive 360 environment, visitors can view and experience all the information about a future development

“Through simple-to-use remote engagement, information can be easily delivered to a wide audience, increasing the scope and potential of the public consultation.”

360° virtual tours help bring the proposals to life and provide accurate representations of schemes. Generated in photo-realistic CGI, users can immerse themselves and understand details in an accessible format.

Users can provide instant feedback through in-built contact forms, with public opinion being captured as part of the consultation period, and the data analysed for more accurate reporting. A live chat function is also available.

Oasis Studio founder and director, Paul Deakin, said: “We serve a range of industries in the built world with our virtual solutions, this digital platform is simply another interactive, engaging tool that solves a problem for the industry.

“The use of digital engagement platforms enables stakeholders to experience and understand proposals in their community, other than just reading and hearing about them. This allows for widespread buy-in for larger projects.”

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