The Wild launches new BIM tools for VR/AR collaboration

VR/AR collaboration platform The Wild has released three new BIM-focused VR tools which will allow architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams to coordinate and collaborate more effectively on their 3D models, in an immersive workspace.

The in-VR tools include an Inspect Tool (view object-level BIM data on any element in a 3D model), a Visibility Tool (control layer visibility for SketchUp or Revit files), and a top-requested Measure Tool (visualise and annotate distance in a virtual space). 

These tools are critical for showing different design options or reviewing specific aspects of a model. If a digital model is not constructible due to an issue in the building environment, the team can work through the issue in real-time to align on a solution.

The Wild’s immersive collaboration tools allow users to communicate with multiple teammates or stakeholders in their space, and also allows them to iterate and prototype in that space by rapidly sketching out ideas in real-time.

In addition to these three new tools, native tools offer sketching, massing, material sampling, video import, 2D image capture, and speech-to-text annotations, allowing users to capture and express ideas in the moment. 

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