Women in BIM 2024 part 3: Vicky Davenport

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Welcome to the third in a series of interviews counting down to International Women’s Day on 8 March. A new interview with a member of Women in BIM will appear every Friday until 8 March.

Today, Vicky Davenport shares her insights. She is executive vice-president at Graitec.

BIMplus: How did you get into the world of digital construction or BIM?

Vicky Davenport: I worked at Autodesk for seven years where my team and I were helping architecture, engineering and construction companies to digitise their businesses to become more productive, foster collaboration, encounter less waste and ultimately design better more environmentally friendly buildings.

I then supported Autodesk’s channel partners in their quest to help their customers. Finally, I moved to my current employer, Graitec, an Autodesk Solutions Provider and software editor. Graitec helps professionals in the construction sector to digitise and streamline their processes, improving performance and building a sustainable future.

Vicky Davenport of Graitec

“The more diverse a workplace is, and the more individuals feel included and feel like their ideas are valued, the greater the innovation.”

Vicky Davenport

When selecting your career path what was the biggest influence in the decision you made?

I was attracted to an industry that helps create a better, more sustainable world. I am influenced by a diverse customer base and the drive of everyone to help customers solve their problems. Wanting to stay in the same industry as Autodesk and be closer to customers, I moved to Graitec. We have operations across 10 European countries, and I adore the diversity of the cultures.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #inspireInclusion. What does inclusion mean to you?

Inclusion is a small word with a vast meaning. People talk a lot about diversity in the workplace, but it’s important that people also feel ‘included’ so that we get a diverse group of individuals solving problems and creating ideas.

The greatest reason for inclusion in my eyes is for innovation. The more diverse a workplace is, and the more individuals feel included and that their ideas are valued, the greater the innovation.

The power of industry digitisation extends beyond mere technological advancement: it also plays a crucial role in fostering diversity and inclusion within the workforce. Software serves as an inclusion accelerator by breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for women. Digitisation has increased remote work options, aiding women in balancing personal and professional responsibilities and expanding job opportunities regardless of geographical constraints.

I see digitisation having the power to lower barriers to entry for women in tech entrepreneurship, providing easier access to resources and platforms for greater equality.

What do you think the future of construction looks like when it comes to inclusion and diversity?

The customers I collaborate with have made great progress in improving diversity in their workspaces. They know there are benefits in attracting talent from all segments of society and they go to great lengths to encourage a diverse workforce.
Efforts to attract and retain women in construction roles are gaining momentum.

Companies are implementing targeted recruitment strategies, providing mentorship and professional development opportunities, and creating inclusive work environments where women feel supported and empowered to succeed. As a result, we are seeing more women entering various facets of the construction industry, from project management to engineering and beyond.

The transformational impact of these initiatives is reshaping the culture of the industry. By embracing diversity in all its forms, construction companies are better positioned to address complex challenges, adapt to changing market dynamics and deliver innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of their clients and communities. I think the future is bright.

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