Zero working group reveals initial industry change targets

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The new carbon- and innovation-focused working group Zero has provided further details of its plans for next year following its official launch at the recent Digital Construction Week.

James Bowles, founder of 4D modelling specialist Freeform and a core member of Zero, said: “We received an extremely positive response from attendees at the show, and now have more than 100 members. We’re busy setting up our working groups, scheduling interactive workshops, and preparing content for next year. Podcasts, articles, webinars, and our own hybrid conference are all coming soon. We’re also building partnerships with businesses, innovators, and other industry initiatives.”

He reiterated Zero’s mission: “We all know that construction needs to change to a cleaner, leaner industry. We have the tools, materials, skills, and drivers to do this. Zero wants to help accelerate this change, by sharing knowledge and by raising awareness to a wide audience.”

The initial areas of focus include:

  • Materials: what new low-carbon materials are available and coming soon? How can projects select these materials, and how can recent material innovations be scaled quickly?
  • Methods: how will electric vehicles, new assembly methods, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, improved temporary works, improved planning, and site environmental management change construction sites?
  • Modelling: how can digital and sustainability teams work together? What carbon data is available, how can it be used, and what needs to improve? How can embodied and construction-related carbon be measured and managed?
  • Leadership: what requirements should be set at project level, and how can industry leadership drive fast and real change in their organisations? How can the industry respond to the climate emergency?

Membership of Zero is free and registration is open at

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