4D experts offer ‘free’ project modelling in aid of the Red Cross

Members of the 4D Construction Group are offering to build 4D models, with their fees being donated to the Red Cross.

Posting on LinkedIn, 4D Construction Group member and founder of Freeform James Bowles said: “A few of us here at the 4D Construction Group are available to build models for free. Well, actually not free. We’re setting up a JustGiving page with all donations going to the Red Cross.

“If you’re a contractor or client, or just someone who wants an amazing 4D model of their project, get in touch.

“The group will work on your model, which will definitely help your project, and your organisation gets to donate to the Red Cross and support the amazing work that they’re doing.

“For every model, 100% of the fee goes to the Red Cross.”

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