BIM in action: 2020’s top five projects

Hospitals, housing, hotels: BIM+ covered case studies of BIM in action in all sorts of construction projects across the world.

Given what happened in 2020, it’s not surprising that three of the most read case studies focus on hospitals.

Read on to find out the top five, and catch up on what you might have missed.

5. Sisk reaps rewards of high-tech approach at Wembley

John Sisk & Son invested significantly to provide its project delivery team with the right tools and knowledge to get the best out of BIM and digitisation on a housing project for Quintain in Wembley. This was driven through its Digital Project Delivery (DPD) approach.

Shervin Deh Bozorgi, Sisk’s digital project delivery lead UK, told BIM+: “Digital Project Delivery is far more than delivering industry BIM standards. We are using DPD as a vehicle to transform the whole project delivery functions through digitisation. Our ambitious three-year company-wide strategy will ensure that all our staff, functional leads and key supply chain partners have the right capabilities, tools and procedures in place to harness the added value that digitisation will bring to the construction industry.”

4. Finland’s Hospital Nova uses VR to involve staff in building

The Hospital Nova project in Finland decided to use Tridify to convert their BIMs models into virtual models, as it was quick and easy to update the models with on-going changes. Tridify’s automated service processed the architect’s BIM files into 3D interactive models, ultimately allowing 350 hospital staff to review the models in virtual reality. 

3. NHS Nightingale Hospital, East London – how BIM played its part

It was bound to make the top five, wasn’t it? The NHS Nightingale Hospital in London’s Docklands caught widespread mainstream media attention.

Lead designer BDP’s team was split into two, working in Revit. One side developed the high-level space planning, the other focused on clinical planning and requirements for critical care beds, nurse stations, admissions etc.

The two models were combined to create a central BIM model ready to be populated with data from other consultants and schedule equipment and materials.

2. Mace uses AI tech on Mayfair project to meet covid-19 safety challenges

Mace was already working on Lodha’s No 1 Grosvenor Square flagship project when the lockdown and then social distancing added to the normal construction challenges.

“We calculate that we’ve recovered eight to ten weeks that would have otherwise been totally lost,” Liam Florey, project director at Lodha told BIM+, “and we’ve managed to do it in a way that kept people safe. We earned the confidence of our operatives and management teams by making smarter decisions and having more meaningful conversations that were guided by technology.”

1. AI tracks work quality at Norway’s Stavenger Hospital

Oslo-based BIM developer Imerso was given responsibility to monitor work progress on one of the biggest public construction projects in Scandanavia.

Imerso was responsible for creating an accurate digital twin of the new hospital. The construction was 3D scanned continuously to check the work status against the building plans using Imerso’s AI software. The platform compares the scan and the BIM and immediately catches any problematic discrepancy.

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