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BRE has launched a range of training courses and consultancy services to help industry to meet the government target as well as conducting BIM related research. Its courses are aimed at managers, designers, contractors and engineers, with the scope of the training going beyond software to look at how to implement BIM and meet client and industry requirements.

Alternatively, bespoke BIM training tailored to meet the needs of individual businesses is also an option.

BIM AP (Accredited Professional) Foundation Training

This is Stage 1 (Foundation) on the BRE Academy’s BIM Education Pathway. Aimed at design, construction and project management professionals seeking a practical foundation in BIM, it covers BIM processes, procedures, information models, and management and collaboration.

It aims to show how BIM can help save money and time in the design, construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure, and how to produce accurate and complete data for clients. It is aimed at professionals who need to understand the requirements of BIM Level 2 and its likely impact; appreciate the value for their business; and know about relevant national and industry standards. Students can then progress to Stage 2 (Theory) and Stage 3 (Practical) in the BIM Education Series.

After successful completion of the BIM Accredited Professional examination you can register as a BIM Accredited Professional. The BRE Academy BIM AP recognises your training and shows your commitment to realising the benefits of BIM. You will also receive three months free membership of BuildingSMART which drives the uptake and understanding of BIM.

The course covers:

  • Global and industry Challenges which BIM addresses
  • UK Government Construction Strategy and BIM Level 2 requirements
  • National and Industry Standards related to BIM
  • The role of Project and Asset Information Models
  • Information Management Roles in the standard (PAS1192-2:2013)
  • Managing Project Information – creating processes and procedures
  • The Information Delivery Cycle and how it works in practice (PAS1192-2:2013)
  • The Collaborative Production of Information – creating processes and procedures
  • Overview of the Common Data Environment (BS1192:2007)
  • The commercial impact for your contracts and insurance

Course dates: 

28 – 29 October

BRE Watford


4 – 5 November

BRE Scotland


25 – 26 November

BRE Watford


Level 2 Certification for Businesses

Since July BRE has been providing a BIM Level 2 Training and Certification Pathway – the only organisation currently offering this training in accordance with PAS1192/2 and BS1192.

The training and certification pathway comprises a series of BIM Accredited training programmes and an examination, which lead on to a certificated professional status.

For Information Managers:

  • BIM Level 2 Task Information Manager (TIM)
  • BIM Level 2 Project Information Manager (PIM)

For Project Delivery Managers:

  • BIM Level 2 Project Delivery Manager (PDM)

The BIM Level 2 courses involve two-day training for Information Managers, three days for Project Delivery Managers, plus an examination. Training is provided by the BRE Academy, the skills and education arm of BRE  and the certification is then provided by BRE Global, the BRE Group’s independent certification body.

Businesses assessment scheme

Alongside this pathway BRE Global has launched a scheme for assessing and certifying businesses as providers of the government’s BIM Level 2 services. 

Delivered on site, it is designed to help companies provide evidence that they have the policies and procedures required to deliver level 2 BIM in line with the Government’s strategy, as well as acting as strong marketing tool. 

The scheme is available for businesses with single as well as multiple site locations and comprises evidence-based assessment of BIM business and management systems in line with Level 2’s process requirements. Those that successfully meet the criteria are awarded Certificated BIM Operator status by BRE Global, the BRE Group’s independent certification body. 

The process includes providing businesses with a full post-assessment report that details areas of compliance and, if applicable, non-compliance. A yearly site audit and review is performed to verify that standards and criteria continue to be met, with a full reassessment carried out every three years. 

Paul Oakley, associate director of BIM at BRE said: “As well as speeding up the tendering process, certification offers significant benefits all round. It saves businesses the time and costs involved in responding to ever-varying tender questions, and for those issuing tenders, having a BRE BIM-certified business in the running removes the need to check replies or employ someone to do it for them.”

BRE has been trialling the scheme with three companies – BDP, David Miller Architects and Heatherwick Studio. “We’re thrilled to be part of the pilot scheme,” said practice director David Miller. “In a climate where accurate, fast and reliable information is required as a bare minimum, it makes sense to us to put measurement procedures in place that will help us to maintain and progress these workflows within our practice.”

Competent Person Scheme

This training programme follows the Construction Industry Council’s (CIC) National Occupational Standard, and Competent Person Scheme. It has been developed to meet the needs of all sectors of the construction industry from clients, project managers, architects, engineers, other designers, and contractors through to facility managers.

The training covers the fundamentals of BIM (especially non-proprietary open BIM), and what industry professionals must do to deliver BIM within a collaborative multi-disciplinary project team.

The three training programmes (and associated CPS) are:

  • Business Management – 1 day course £295
  • Project Management – 2 day course £495
  • Design Management – 3 day course £650

The Competent Person Scheme allows employees to demonstrate to their company and clients their knowledge of open BIM and how it should be deployed within projects. Once candidates have completed the training they can sit an exam (for no extra cost) and enrol to the CPS.

Professionals who feel they already have a good knowledge of open BIM may submit recent work and sit the exam without undertaking the training course, depending on attainment of the required quality levels. On passing the exam, you will be able to call yourself a BRE/buildingSMART UKI, BIM Competent Person. To maintain this status you will be required to submit a summary of three projects that you have completed within the year and provide five hours of accredited CPD per year.

Exam only: £100

Competent Person Scheme: £170 pa

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