Cementation Skanska plant spots people

View of the screen inside a Cementation Skanska plant

Cementation Skanska is mandating the installation of AI-backed human form recognition cameras on its fleet of large-diameter piling rigs and cranes after a successful trial.

The Spillard Safety Systems Human Detection System uses cameras fitted to the base of the plant that recognise people or objects if they get too close, or encroach in a red exclusion zone.

If someone gets too close, the system suspends tracking and slewing of the machine to avoid contact and sounds an audible alarm. A screen in the cab provides the operator with a 360-degree view so they can take evasive action if they spot a risk in their area of operation. 

The system also features a digital display on the outside of the cab. This enables the operator to give a green thumbs up and sound an audible recorded message that indicates to someone wishing to approach that it is safe to do so. 

Detection zones can be configured to the type of plant, work activity and environment where operations are taking place. Data is communicated with the site team and a central control hub that receives live alerts, video footage of incidents, date/time and location details through the Spillard Live platform.

Cementation Skanska will use this information to optimise the system’s rules, including:

  • the distance at which audible warnings sound;
  • when the machine should stop slewing and tracking; and
  • configuring reset and override options. 

Spillard’s Human Detection System replaces the Quad-View camera system that Cementation Skanska had developed in-house.

Driver’s reaction

Rig driver George Gordon operated Cementation Skanska’s SR75 unit when the Spillard system was trialled. He said: “It’s good for raising awareness as it tells people there is a danger, instructing them to move away. Barriers are not enough because people can bypass them. It’s great because the system doesn’t rely on you as an operator to activate it – reducing the risk of distractions. You can get on with the job, knowing that there is an added layer of safety.”

Andy Entwistle, managing director of Cementation Skanska, added: “Through our collaboration with Spillard Safety Systems, we have been able to develop an approach to configuring and installing these 360-degree cameras that will support safer ways of working. 

“We want to ensure that everyone goes home safely every day. These cameras, combined with our open, inclusive and collaborative working culture, will help to ensure that happens.”

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