AI proximity alerts fitted to Sellafield plant

A photo of an excavator fitted with the AI proximity alert system from Safety Shield Global

Safety Shield Global has won a contract to fit its human-form detection devices to mobile operated plant at the Sellafield nuclear waste processing and storage and nuclear decommissioning plant.

Supported by G&AM Lawson Plant Hire, the Safety Shield artificial intelligence human form detection system was demonstrated and tested at Sellafield last year before being introduced to the site this month.

Safety Shield Global claims its system is the most advanced AI human form recognition on the market, and the only AI collision avoidance system with a 99.6% accuracy rate.

A camera-based collision avoidance system, it uses AI to identify people who are in the danger zone of moving plant and machinery. The system is trained to filter out all other objects and only detects the human form, sounding an alert if personnel enter the danger recognition zones. Through filtering out all other objects, the Safety Shield system reduces unnecessary distractions for the plant operator, Safety Shield Global said.

Nuclear safety culture

John Corrie, sales director of Safety Shield Global, revealed: “Having spent a significant part of my career working with, and understanding, the Sellafield nuclear site health and safety culture, we took the Safety Shield system to the site’s major contractor, who instantly recognised the importance of testing, and then adopting, the system to provide site personnel with a world-class, and previously unseen, level of protection.

“The team at G&AM Lawson came on board and worked closely with Safety Shield and their client to install the systems and to have their engineering teams trained to manage any necessary changes locally.

“In the fast-paced development of our ultra-safe nuclear facilities, this forward-thinking collaboration is now providing the highest levels of safety, meaning everybody gets to go home after a day at work.”

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