Galliford Try IFC tools endorsed by DfE for all

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The Department for Education (DfE) has endorsed a suite of educational and practical information management resources developed by Galliford Try for use by the former’s wider supply chain.

The initial release of video explainers and accompanying digital tools from Galliford Try aims to assist the DfE supply chain in understanding and implementing some of the most comprehensive digital requirements based on IFC and the ISO 19650 standards.

Galliford Try digital solutions lead John Ford played a pivotal role in developing these resources. They are designed to help improve data quality and remove knowledge barriers around IFC, which remains a challenge for many in construction.

So far, there are two video explainers, with the promise of more to come. The first delves into the process of checking data parsed using IFC against the DfE’s information requirements. Ford shows how to manually check key data using Solibri’s free IFC-model viewer.

The second video shifts the focus to using automated checking tools, specifically using Solibri’s paid-for software.

Also available now are the Solibri IFC-checking resources developed by Ford.

Galliford Try believes that sharing resources and hosting training sessions with the wider supply chain will drive industry-wide best practices and enhance project outcomes for the sector.

Ford said: “At Galliford Try, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge exchange. Our commitment to providing valuable resources extends beyond our organisation to benefit our clients and industry peers alike.

“With information requirements becoming increasingly digital and standards-based, it’s important we work together to increase our knowledge and digital solutions so that we can play a part in shaping the future.”

Not only is Galliford Try allowing anyone to watch the videos and use the digital resources, it also welcomes users’ contributions to their development.

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  1. I would suggest reading the cover note included with the resources, it will explain in more detail the aim and future. We are also focussing in Information Delivery Specifications and other educational material. Anything to help resolve the challenges around lack of knowledge and understanding.

  2. We have found the requirements hugely challenging. We have tried everything from providing revit templates to hands on support for AutoCAD and ArchiCAD users and the IFC file still gets rejected by the client technical advisors with a report of 10 thousand errors. I think this is great as we have been finding it challenging to understand how to check the IFC files to the same level as the advisors dont share their methodology, only the report so we have to take their word for it. We have played with rules in Solibri but get different results from the advisor so we abandoned that. Interestingly one of the checks done here demonstrates the advisor is doing at least one of the checks wrong, confirmed as of yesterday!
    So I am all for this

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