Giving each part of the supply chain what they need: introducing Linarc

A new app-based technology is promising to give each part of the supply chain the information it needs: Linarc. Created by serial entrepreneur Shanthi Rajan, Linarc’s main goal is to eliminate inefficiencies in the construction process.
A screengrab of the Linarc dashboard
The Linarc dashboard

Linarc’s focus is on the data, keeping all information in the cloud so contractors, architects, and management alike can get and communicate information, thus keeping their projects running smoothly.

Launched in August, Linarc provides apps for foremen and for site workers. One allows the foreman to review the tasks and assign them to the crew, the other allows the crew to see their task, take pictures of proof of work, report any issues, and log their time.

Executives and project managers also have their own view of the project. They can review reports, authorise shipments, review and approve RFIs, set the master schedule, and myriad other functions to keep the project running.

Design teams are connected to the project so they can respond to any concerns.

CFOs and purchasers get control over the financials. Real-time updates and predictive analytics provide insights to stay on budget.

The business gets its name from lines and arcs from which all designs can be made.

BIMplus grabbed a few minutes with Rajan.

BIMplus: What does your technology do and how, and how is it different from existing software?
Shanthi Rajan of Linarc

“One benefit to choosing Linarc now is the high-touch on-boarding and attention to feedback.”

Shanthi Rajan

Shanthi Rajan: Linarc is different from existing offerings since it’s built new, from the ground up. Other solutions hail from an era of yesterday’s technologies. Some are known to have cumbersome on-boarding processes or are unintuitive to work with.

Linarc takes full advantage of all the technology available today without any of the legacy encumbrances of outdated tech. It’s easier to on-board and easier to use.

One stand-out feature is taking a company-wide view of all of the construction projects and their resources. You can consolidate material requests across multiple projects into one purchase order to save money and make things simpler. Crew and equipment can be reallocated across projects to meet demands as well.

The biggest feature of Linarc is that everything is tied to the master scheduler. By tying budget, personnel, equipment, material, and other resources to the master schedule, nothing will ever be missed.

If something is delayed in one part of the project, the alerts are sent out immediately so project planners can adjust the schedule.

Each task is broken down into practical sections of field tasks to set the weekly and daily work schedules for crews.

Linarc is best suited to construction projects that are run by a series of separate apps, such as one for scheduling, another to manage RFIs, another for equipment management, and so on.

Many construction projects today still rely on Excel, or even pen and paper.

Linarc is the all-in-one solution that brings all the tools you need under one platform, so all the information flows seamlessly from one to the next.

Can you tell us about a case study that highlights the benefits of using your technology?

We have just launched Linarc. A growing number of construction companies are lining up to use the platform. Data on the results of how much money Linarc users save will be forthcoming.

One benefit to choosing Linarc now is the high-touch on-boarding and attention to feedback. Customer inquiries get the highest attention from every level of the company.

What’s your view of digital construction in the UK and how will you make your mark in the UK?

Digital construction in the UK has made many advances in recent years. One example is requiring all construction projects to adopt BIM. While most industry experts know this is a preferred way to build projects, the cost of doing so required extra legislature to ensure it happened.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, similar to adoption of a new software platform like Linarc to streamline your projects. Our plan is to work with individual construction companies one by one and ensure they are each able to switch to Linarc and start seeing financial and scheduling gains.

We’ve seen strong interest in Linarc from industry insiders in the UK, including a series of reviews in the Enterprise Times. We think everyone in the industry knows there’s got to be something better out there. That’s why I built Linarc.

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