Is mobile mapping becoming business as usual?

NavVis wants the industry’s feedback on its experience of and plans for mobile mapping.

NavVis has partnered with BIMplus, and the likes of Geo Week NewsLidar News and GIM International, to conduct an international survey to gather concrete evidence about mobile mapping.

The State of Mobile Mapping Survey 2022 will address some key questions, including: How does mobile mapping impact your business? Which markets and regions are growing the fastest? Who is leading this change? 

The results of the first State of Mobile Mapping Survey, published last October, revealed that 39% of respondents owned and operated a handheld mobile mapping system, while 21% were planning to invest in such technology in the coming 12 months. Furthermore, 28% owned and operated a backpack mobile mapping system, and 23% were looking to invest in the next 12 months.

The vast majority of respondents (86%) could see the value of a hybrid workflow, i.e. deploying both mobile mapping and terrestrial scanning devices.

Clearer picture to emerge

Felix Reinshagen, NavVis CEO and co-founder, said of the first survey: “We have a clearer picture about the professionals using mobile mapping devices, where they’re located, and the size of their businesses. Plus, we know a lot more about their clients, their use cases, and the deliverables they’re asking for.

“But the work doesn’t stop here. Over time we’ll be able to track the growth and development of this fledgling industry as a service to everyone engaged in it.

“We plan to revisit many of these themes, for example the confidence in mobile mapping accuracy or the expansion into new services and document the directions they’ve taken.”

Take part in the survey now. The deadline is the end of July. The report is due to be published by the end of September.

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