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In the first in a short series of Q&As to mark the turning of the year, Revizto director for EMEA, Rhys Lewis, sits in the hot seat and reveals his highlights from 2023 and his hopes and plans for 2024 – and challenges you to get out in the cold.

BIMplus: What’s the best thing that happened in BIM and digital construction in 2023?

Rhys Lewis: The sheer number of projects that Revizto is involved in shows that the industry is booming. Is that down to BIM or digital construction? I would say that it has played a part, but it all comes down to information management.

A highlight for me is the massively ambitious and exciting plans for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you are unaware, then I’d urge you to take a look…

The projects are on a completely different scale and require the best people, processes and technology for them to succeed. This has certainly helped to pump adrenaline back into our industry to innovate and work smarter.

Rhys Lewis of Revizto

“We can all admit that we spend a lot of time on Teams and Zoom these days. However, nothing beats an interactive session with someone in person.”

Rhys Lewis

What are you looking forward to professionally in 2024?

For me, it will be attending Revizto’s Global User Conference in Denver in March, REVup 2024. As well as getting to network with some of the most talented people in the industry, it’s also a great opportunity to learn from each other, share knowledge, and build relationships.

What does the industry need to do more (or less of) in 2024?

We can all admit that we spend a lot of time on Teams and Zoom these days. There are obvious benefits to this, and I’ve benefited myself. However, nothing beats an interactive session with someone in person. Better communication, increased engagement and stronger relationships built!

I encourage you to make an effort to schedule more in-person meetings in 2024. It will benefit you and your team in the long run.

Do you have any sort of festive ritual?

Family first now with a diary that is completely free of meetings. The goal is always to spend as much quality time with my amazing family. OOO mode on!

Recommend a book, podcast, TV series, film or album that you enjoyed in 2023

Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof. One thing 2023 has taught me is to challenge yourself. Stepping into the cold is such a great way to start the day on a high. Tackling the hardest job of the day as soon as you get out of bed means anything else you need to do today is a walk in the park.

Do it … trust me, you’ll love it!

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