Magnox seeks new asset management system

The Trawsfynydd reactor site in Gwynedd, North Wales, which is due for demolition
The Trawsfynydd reactor site in Gwynedd, North Wales, which is due for demolition
Magnox is seeking a new enterprise asset management system to replace its existing three systems.

Magnox, a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, operates 13 sites around the UK. It will begin to add EDF’s nuclear power stations into its portfolio once they complete their defuelling journey.

Dean Branton, Magnox chief information officer, said: “Magnox has a unique estate, responsible for decommissioning the earliest generating and research reactors. Our assets include the original reactor buildings, each individually designed, with hundreds of other associated buildings and systems designated for decommissioning and eventual demolition.

“But to decommission the old, we also need to construct the new, including innovative facilities to support waste retrieval, processing and storage. An effective asset management system will help us to make the best decisions for our fleet.

“Investing in one cloud-based, evergreen and smart technology platform that can provide accurate and timely data will transform the way our operations and maintenance is undertaken.”

An updated data set that is organised and consistent across the business will form the basis of the new system.

Magnox plans to extend the capability of the new system to include other business activities and datasets, such as its asset condition database and asset risk database, thereby creating a more comprehensive information management system.

Find out more about the requirements and vision for the £10m project at a webinar on 9 February.

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