Mission Room wants volunteers to test multi-screen sharing

Mission Room
Mission Room is looking for companies to take part in trials of its new multi-screen sharing technology.

Mission Room MD Bryan Denby said: “Making collaboration easy is difficult! More companies are using multi-screen systems in offices, but these do not easily share with remote workers. Mission Room is introducing a multi-screen share system that allows wireless laptop casting, remote worker viewing and multi-system connections.

“These functions combine to provide a flexible way to share visual information from different machines with multiple people. Unfortunately, Teams and Zoom do not work well with multiple screens, but our technology runs in parallel with these systems to allow remote workers to view many screens at once, or zoom in on individual screens.

“This also combines with a wireless laptop casting system that allows people in the room to quickly share laptops with Mission Room. The end result is better collaboration and deeper understanding.”

Tests have already been conducted with Amey, Colas Rail, Costain, Dragados, Mace, Network Rail, Skanska, and WSP.

Denby added: “We are finishing off beta trials, but if anyone wants to try this technology out, then please contact me and we can set-up a trial.”

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