ICYMI: watch a predictive rail maintenance robot in action

The Shenhao predictive rail maintenance robot in action
Predictive rail maintenance inspections are the next human process that robots are set to tackle.

The RIIS 1005 rail transit line inspection robot, made by Chinese robot manufacturer Shenhao, is a rail-wheeled, self-propelled motion platform with various high-precision inspection systems fitted. Weighing 115kg, its main functions are:

  • track geometry parameter detection;
  • rail surface damage detection;
  • track bed foreign body detection;
  • boundary intrusion detection;
  • fastener defect detection; and
  • rail profile/wear detection

Shenhao claims the robot overcomes the issues associated with human-only track maintenance inspections. These include low productivity, “scattered inspection quality”, and health and safety hazards.

The inspection data is analysed on a centralised monitoring platform.

Shenhao robots use intelligent recognition and analysis, deep learning, and multiple sensors. They can be equipped with intelligent recognition and infrared temperature measurement, high-definition image recognition, partial discharge detection, gas leakage monitoring, and noise pick-up and analysis among other options.

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