RLB Digital launches digital construction guide for SMEs

Photo of two men talking, to illustrate SMEs digital construction guide from RLB Digital
Image courtesy of RLB Digital

RLB Digital has produced a digital construction guide for SMEs.

The guide, entitled The Digital Landscape For SMEs In The Construction Industry, acts as a starting point to help business owners feel more confident about running their businesses digitally.

The guide details the digital landscape, whether SMEs are focusing on how they deliver construction jobs or how they manage money, HR and admin.

It answers question such as:

  • How do I buy software for my business?
  • How do I implement and manage software?
  • How do I successfully embed technology in my business?
  • Why do I need data and how do I use it?

It also provides a directory of suppliers.

RLB Digital produced the guide, in conjunction with the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University under the Innovation Driven Procurement project funded by the Construction Industry Training Board.

Anne Bowerman, business analyst at RLB Digital, said: “We have a very tiered approach to the adoption of digital within the built environment. We hope this guide can support those who might want to begin their digital journey, but need that additional support to get them started.”

Dr Emmanuel Manu, from the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University, added: “The RLB team has been instrumental in supporting us and the Innovation Driven Procurement Project to make this guide become a reality. This interactive guide can support education and adoption of digital technology within the sector at every level.”

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