Robot that fixes potholes gets ready for the road

An autonomous robot able to locate and fix potholes is set to pass its first test outside of a lab environment on the roads of Hertfordshire.

The machine, developed by Robotiz3d and officially named Arres (Autonomous Road Repair System) Prevent, combines AI with advanced robotics to automate road maintenance, based on patented research developed at the University of Liverpool.

The robot identifies and characterises cracks and potholes in the road using AI. It then automatically fills the cracks to keep out surface water, which in turn helps to prevent potholes forming. It has the potential to save time and money as well as reducing the disruption potholes cause to road users.

The start-up claims it is the world’s first autonomous robot of its kind.

The robot is currently in its pilot phase and has only been tested in a lab environment. It is due to hit the roads of Hertfordshire early this year for a ‘real-life’ road repair on a residential street in the county.

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