Zero initiative preparing wiki-style net zero playbook

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Zero, the carbon- and innovation-focused working group, is preparing a wiki-style playbook for net zero construction.

The independent group, which launched late last year, now has 400 members from 40 countries and is preparing a wiki-style playbook that will cover the six key topics that “are required to deliver significant change to projects from a carbon perspective,” according to founding member James Bowles of 4D modelling specialist Freeform.

The playbook topics are: leadership, measurement, design, construction, people, and innovation. Each topic has been developed by its own working group of 20 people and is action-orientated. For example, the measurement topic includes the following actions:

  • define what information you need and when;
  • plan out who will provide the information;
  • use tools to drive measurement;
  • collect and check the information;
  • make data accessible and use to inform decision making;
  • use data to challenge briefs;
  • ensure skills are in place; and
  • drive continuous improvement/feedback and learn.

A playbook workshop is due to take place on 7 September at Bentley Systems’ London office. To attend, contact Bowles via LinkedIn.

Zero has also recently launched a future leaders programme, now with 40 members. “They’re young professionals and people still in education, working and sharing ideas about what the industry could be and what they want from it,” Bowles explained. The programme also provides for mentoring with four mentor/mentee relationships underway.

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