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The risks generated by poor procurement and management of information delivered digitally could be considered greater than its analogue predecessor, for example, inappropriate access or distribution of information and security ...

Information management: its increasing importance as BIM matures

Andy Boutle, Kier Construction

Instantly everything became remote, everything relied on data, and the digital transformation we feared might take up to five years became a rollercoaster commercial revolution within five months.

New rebar app is tackling 'fake data'

Lee Brankley, UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels

If we put our data in a shareable format, we could move to a world where data and design are integrated above and below ground, and brownfield sites, often viewed ...

Is data sharing the key to unlocking brownfield land development?

Dr Caroline Paradise, Atkins

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It is also important to focus on the data management systems that will be used for FM, building modification, and ...

Paul Teicholz
Information management: its increasing importance as BIM matures

"Time! Time is the biggest challenge we face, and BIM has the potential... "The contract culture needs to change to ...

Pierre Venter
BIM in fit-out: 'Time is our biggest challenge'

To those concerned, Would you be able to provide me the same details as the student above please, I am ...

39 Victoria Street, London - Willmott Dixon’s inside ...

Can they program it to go down the pub and not come back

Gregory Hobbes
Robot bricklayer starts work in Yorkshire

Hand built and hand crafted , no-one will buy a robotic built house .

Paul Mclaughlin
Robot bricklayer starts work in Yorkshire