BAM’s TransPennine digital lead set to drive improved product data at GS1

Shervin Yousefzadeh of GS1

The former head of digital construction on BAM’s TransPennine Route Upgrade Project has joined GS1 UK as its first ever head of construction.

Shervin Yousefzadeh spent nearly three years with BAM on the project, where he was responsible for implementing digital construction solutions to optimise efficiency, productivity, and quality while minimising risk and waste. Prior to his stint at BAM, he worked for Graham for nearly five years, ultimately as digital construction manager. He joined GS1 late in 2023.

GS1 is the global standards barcode provider. It wants to promote the wider adoption of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and the use of GS1 standards to enhance building safety, supply chain efficiency and inventory management.

GS1 UK proposes that the golden thread “starts with the ability for everyone, at any stage in the manufacture or usage of construction materials, to easily identify a product using a ‘common product language’. Use of GS1 standards and the GTIN as the unique product identifier will provide the first piece of the thread. This product data can then be used to build data sets that will enable stakeholders to make more informed decisions and meet new regulatory requirements for traceability, interoperability, accessibility, verifiable and secure data.”

As GS1 UK’s head of construction, Yousefzadeh will build relationships with key industry figures to champion GS1 standards, facilitate greater collaboration and identify new opportunities for data sharing. 

Exploring a new dimension

He said: “Easing links to product data, finding ways to improve how that data is captured, shared, and used, will lead to direct change and I look forward to being a part of the innovative, standards-based solutions that will make this a reality.

“Based on my experience of developing and implementing BIM solutions, I am keen to explore how GS1 standards can bring a new dimension to this transformative technology, enabling the capture and use of rich product data throughout the construction process. 

“Interoperable product identifiers encoded into scannable barcodes, or RFID tags, offer consistent and accurate data for every building product at every stage of the supply chain, bolstering visibility, traceability, building trust in materials management.”

Anne Godfrey, chief executive of GS1 UK, added: “Shervin’s appointment reflects our commitment to helping UK construction achieve digital transformation. The industry has a real opportunity to embrace data standardisation and learn from more digitally mature sectors.”

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