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Elecosoft has updated its Asta Powerproject planning and project management software with a focus on providing users with greater collaboration and sharing capabilities.

Version 17 of Asta Powerproject provides the following updates:

  • Protecting your work: the new autosave feature automatically saves progress at regular intervals with the default autosave setting of 10 minutes. Users can customise timings to save their work more or less frequently.
  • New project timeline feature: including a new project timeline control panel, allowing users to create key task overviews for each project. Programme managers can also add drop lines and call out priority tasks to ensure projects stay on track.
  • Activities within tasks: users can now break down a task into several activities that can be progressed individually and checked off when completed. Project managers can weight each activity’s importance to track overall task progress as individual actions are completed. This simplifies the structure of the overall programme without losing the fine detail.
  • Real-time collaboration: compatibility with a new module that allows project teams to work on a programme together in real-time, benefitting from instant digital feedback on projects. This upgrade will help companies to enhance collaboration and prevent miscommunication within their projects.
  • Global governance library: compatibility with the Asta global library management module to simplify company standards, save time and improve data accuracy and reporting. Centralising project templates will help organisations that use Asta Powerproject to manage workflows and ensure project compliance, as any changes will be automatically applied the next time a project is checked out.
  • Introduction of meaningful associations: teams can assign and differentiate project tabs in various colours to make workflows easier to visualise.
Asta Powerproject version 17 screen grab

Installation wizard

Furthermore, Elecosoft has enhanced how future updates are rolled out.

Starting with version 17, Asta Powerproject subscribers will receive a notification alert when new features are available. Suscribers can automatically deploy the updates via an installation wizard, if this has been enabled.

David Simpson, global product manager at Elecosoft, said: “Asta Powerproject version 17 continues our focus on creating positive experiences and outcomes for our customers, with the latest version strengthening project communication and collaboration.

“We’re committed to identifying what’s important to our customers, made possible by our active global network of customers and partners. Through their feedback, we’re continually evolving the products and services based on their needs.”

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