Mott MacDonald accelerates to openBIM workflows

Mott MacDonald heads to openBIM
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Mott MacDonald is the first company to complete buildingSmart International’s (bSI) openBIM accelerator programme to advance openBIM workflows within its operations.

The accelerator programme is a new initiative from bSI to support and encourage the uptake of open standards and services by organisations that want to improve their open and neutral digital workflows. The services include:

  • proof of concepts for a bSI data dictionary domain;
  • validation service;
  • information delivery specification; and
  • other IFC-related workflows.

Clients can tailor the standards and services to their needs. A long-term plan is in place this for this programme to be made available via the bSI chapter network.

The scope of work for Mott MacDonald and its openBIM adoption had the following objectives:

  • introduce bSI standards and services to MottMac;
  • define a workflow process whereby IFC properties can be added to models and files to meet client requirements;
  • demonstrate the ability to deliver IFC-compliant information on a major project using a simple proof of concept;
  • capture the workflow process to improve it, replicate and scale it;
  • test collaboration with bSI’s Accelerator Programme team; and
  • test capabilities of software solutions on specific use cases.

Clients requiring IFC

MottMac principal account lead for information management, Michael Gaunt, said: “We are really pleased to be working with the bSI accelerator programme team to scale our adoption of openBIM. We are experiencing a significant increase in project requirements for IFC data. Therefore, working with the leaders of the standard is the right solution for us to respond effectively.”

Aidan Mercer, bSI marketing director, added: “The programme has been a little while in development and came about from demands from the industry. With so many new services becoming available, and IFC 4.3 and future standards in the works, this is the perfect time for this programme.

“We hope this proof of concept with Mott MacDonald helps to demonstrate the value of openBIM and helps to ensure client requirements are captured and shared with the project team to ensure IFC-related data is improved. I am so delighted with the results and look forward to helping other businesses to develop their openBIM knowledge.”

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