PlanRadar adds QR functionality

PlanRadar adds QR functionality
PlanRadar has added QR functionality to its task management platform.

Scanning the QR code with a camera or the PlanRadar mobile app automatically opens the linked ticket (task/asset information). This makes it fast and simple to reference specific details on a construction site or when maintaining facilities, says PlanRadar.

The platform already supports a similar integration and workflow using near field technology, linking NFC tags to tickets. With the addition of QR codes, users can now select their preferred technology to work onsite with PlanRadar. 

Also, when using offline mode, users can scan QR codes and capture information even in places without internet access.

QR codes can be used for a variety of onsite workflows. This includes sharing key information on construction sites, tracking equipment, health and safety inspections, managing modular build deliveries, recurring maintenance and aligning fire-stopping elements in ongoing checks.

Chief product officer Clemens Hammerl said: “We strive to give our customers the best onsite experience, making it simple to get their day-to-day work done efficiently and correctly. Linking PlanRadar to QR codes is a natural fit. It reduces the time it takes to retrieve information on a project site and ensures everything is properly documented at the precise location.

“QR codes and NFC tags can both be used to make a wide variety of information accessible in real-time. And users can choose which format they capture and share information.”

Indeed, PlanRadar claims it is the only digital management platform to offer NFC tags and QR code compatibility. Ahead of the forthcoming new Fire Regulations, the technology allows all information and relevant documentation for each fire safety element to be retrieved with the click of a button, providing live, accurate building data. The use of QR codes enables clients to create a tamperproof audit trail for each building.

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