Revizto introduces AR overlays and printable QR codes

Image of AR overlay in updated Revizto software

With its latest update, Revizto has added augmented reality (AR) overlays to its BIM collaboration software.

Revizto 5.14’s new AR feature enables real-time comparison of installed systems with the original 3D models, helping to ensure accuracy and avoiding costly errors. Users can visualise hidden objects in AR, uncover structures and pipes, and address issues on-site.

With the latest update, Revizto users can also generate printable QR codes. These can be applied to real-world objects to establish a connection with their digital twin and aid in quality control and installation verification.

According to Revizto, the software update also features:

  • Custom issue statuses – users can now create custom statuses and tailor their workflows to suit their needs. They can also create various issue types, allowing different workflows for distinct types of issue within a single project.
  • Auto-create issues for clashes in specific locations – users can now automatically create issues and coordinate clashes in a specific area of a project and incrementally expose more issues as the teams move through the design and development of the project.
  • Better visuals for 3D – these have been improved in three ways. First, flickering in overlapping models is eliminated. Second, shadows are now displayed even when the section cut is enabled. Finally, the improved screen space ambient occlusion algorithm adds more depth to pictures through subtle shadows on the edges of objects.

Revizto 5.14 supports the latest versions of Archicad, Vectorworks and Rhino.

The update is now available for current license holders and for demo purposes.

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