Sir Robert McAlpine rolls out new 360-degree site monitoring tool

Image: Dalux
Sir Robert McAlpine is set to roll out a 360-degree construction site monitoring tool from Dalux.

The contractor has used Dalux’s smartphone app, which allows site workers to access 3D models and other project information, for a number of years. Now Dalux has released SiteWalk, a reality capture technology that creates visual documentation for the construction site. It acts as an extension of the onsite management module, Dalux Field.

SiteWalk identifies the walked path and converts the footage into a series of detailed 360-degree images, which are linked to the digital drawing or model of the project. After a few minutes, the virtual walking route is available for all project personnel via their Dalux app. Images are collected via a 360-degree video camera mounted on a hard hat.

Padraig Delaney, regional digital construction lead at Sir Robert McAlpine, said: “SiteWalk will bring immediate benefits to our projects. The current time it takes to capture progress is expected to more than halve. The simplicity and ability to capture progress allows us to action on the data in a timely manner, streamlining traditional site tasks.”

Single-platform benefits

Dalux claims to be the first company to provide reality capture technology as part of a single platform for onsite management.

According to Delaney, having all features in one app will ensure smooth digital collaboration and better results: “Dalux 360 Capture and SiteWalk strengthens the quality of our project records, aligning with our company strategy to use technology and data to inspire and improve, while also improving resilience. Our teams can now view and overlay our latest drawings, models and real-life progress in one accessible location.”

He added: “At Sir Robert McAlpine, Dalux is recognised as a key tool in our chest for all of our project teams. It has improved communication internally threefold, but also more importantly it has improved collaboration with our client teams and supply chain alike. We’re excited to roll out the new features of 360 capture and SiteWalk to our projects.”

SiteWalk is available as part of the onsite solution Dalux Field Pro.

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