Video | Arup, Gleeds and Mace rebuild Peru with BIM

The team of Arup, Gleeds and Mace continues to work on the reconstruction of Peru, highlighting the role of BIM.

The trio form the UK Delivery Team (UKDT), appointed by the UK government to support the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes in Peru. The UKDT delivers technical assistance, project management office, procurement and delivery assurance in relation to the provision of schools, medical facilities and a flood resilience programme.

The original agreement, signed in 2020, was renewed earlier this year.

The UKDT has developed and delivered an integrated suite of digital tools to support functions and the long-term management of infrastructure across the programme. The tools, built on a common data platform, will help drive innovation across infrastructure programmes in Peru. They include an integrated GIS data platform, a learning portal, a stakeholder management platform, a social cost-benefit analyser and a digital platform for design reviews.

Not along after the UKDT began its work, the Peruvian government issued a BIM mandate for public sector projects.

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