AI add-in for Revit converts 2D plans to 3D models

Screenshots of 2D plans and then 3D plans in WiseBIM
From 2D plans to 3D plans with WiseBIM’s new add-in for Revit.

French start-up WiseBIM has launched an AI tool for Revit designed to make it easier and faster to model in BIM from existing 2D plans.

The tool primarily targets design offices, architectural firms, construction companies, and heritage managers who want to save time in transforming their 2D plans into Revit models. In particular, it is oriented towards those who manage, operate and maintain existing buildings, and the renovation, smart building and demolition sectors.

The add-in enables the transformation of 2D architectural plans in dwg, dxf, pdf, jpeg, tiff and png formats, directly into Revit elements, claims WiseBIM. In this first iteration, the generated elements are walls, doors, windows and slabs.

“The time savings obtained on these initial, generally tedious modelling steps allow Revit users to have an even greater added value by focusing their skills on the complex parts of the digital models,” said Tristan Garcia, president and co-founder of WiseBIM.

Founded in 2017, WiseBIM is a deep tech company from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. It develops innovative solutions based on AI that facilitate and accelerate the generation of interoperable digital models from existing data.

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