Griffiths uses enhanced machine control to remotely run multiple sites

Griffiths is using Topcon Positioning's enhanced machine control on its A40 contract
South West, Wales and Midlands civil engineering contractor Griffiths is using enhanced machine control to remotely run multiple sites.

Griffths has deployed a bespoke system developed by Topcon distribution partner, Sealand Survey Centre. The contractor has reduced callouts by 80% and sites can now work more safely, accurately, efficiently and sustainably.

Griffiths is using the enhanced machine control on the A40 Llanddewi Velfrey road scheme, the Colwyn Bay coastal erosion project and the construction of the Dyfi Bridge in Powys.

Adrian Davies, plant and transport director at Griffiths, said: “We’ve been using GPS machine control for five years with a variety of different manufacturers, but we wanted to look to increase efficiencies even further.”

Griffiths turned to Sealand Survey to find new software that would help the team work more efficiently and sustainably by reducing wasted materials, errors and downtime. Sealand Survey worked closely with the team to develop a bespoke system, using Topcon’s machine control technologies and Sitelink3D software.

Game changer

Davies said: “The new system has been an absolute game changer. We can now remotely access our machines from anywhere in the world to update data, check on daily productivity and diagnose any faults. And, most importantly, use our intelligent software to highlight efficiency improvements to reduce our carbon footprint.

“On the A40 scheme, for example, Sitelink3D and machine control is helping us to efficiently deliver an active travel route by reducing downtime, which in turn has increased productivity and decreased idle time on our plant and equipment – all helping to offset waste and carbon and build in a far more sustainable manner.”

Davies added: “Our operators have fully embraced the new system. The comment I’m hearing most is ‘how did we manage before Topcon machine control and Sitelink3D?’. The benefits are proving to be enormous.”

At Colwyn Bay, Griffiths is using Topcon machine control to place each block stone at the exact angle to maximise the reduction in energy from the waves.

The team also built flood defence systems at Dyfi Bridge using Topcon machine control. It reduced downtime on the plant to ensure the project could be completed as quickly as possible for the convenience and safety of the surrounding community.

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