Smart plant code launched: have your say

Smart plant image
Image: National Highways
The draft standard for smart plant is out for consultation: interested parties have until 8 February to give their feedback.

PAS 1892 Connected and automated plant (CAP) – Defining, specifying and managing the use of CAP in construction works – Specification sets out the requirements for defining and specifying CAP and their associated systems and connectivity for the purpose of procurement and deployment.

The Department for Transport and the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles are sponsoring the standard.

The draft standard covers:

  • objectives and mission, including safety, quality and operational efficiency;
  • the capabilities of CAP and associated systems including levels of performance; and
  • the level of automation including division of roles between system and human.

It provides a taxonomy and definitions and specifies performance requirements for automated systems.

It does not cover CAP operating outside of the site boundary. Nor does it cover plant that can be used as part of offsite construction processes and manufacturing. Furthermore, the draft standard does not apply to CAP operating within the public realm, for example deliveries, transits on public highways or other uncontrolled environments.

Last year, National Highways launched an industry-wide scoring system for CAP to aid procurement. The system scores machinery according to its level of connectedness and the level of automation in movement and operation, and allows plant specifiers and users to compare different types of machinery to suit different tasks.

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