PlanRadar adds document management function

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PlanRadar has added a document management function to its construction management platform. 

PlanRadar designed the document management feature in response to calls from its existing subscribers for “an easy-to-use, intuitive and streamlined way to collate and manage data between the in-field and back-office teams”. It allows users to track, plan and document approvals, thus helping to maintain a tamperproof audit trail and a clear picture of all sign-off during projects.

Users can digitally store all project data in “easy-access” folders, mark up plans, share feedback and approvals on up-to-date documents and compare file revisions in real-time.

PlanRadar also had interoperability in mind when developing the feature. It has created this feature to either stand alone as its own document storage and management solution or to integrate with other software.

Documents from Sharepoint, Dropbox and Google Drive can be uploaded directly into PlanRadar. No-code integrations allow automatic document sharing with other software systems.

PlanRadar co-chief executive Ibrahim Imam said: “We are continuously working to expand our platform’s capabilities, developing new features and services in line with our customers’ requirements. We listen to them and never innovate for innovation’s sake. For example, we recently rolled out the QR code functionality within our product to address customer needs and make their lives easier when conducting fire safety inspections.

“Many of our customers have flagged an increasing headache around compliance, particularly around asset information management. This latest innovation helps provide greater transparency by ironing out any creases in project workflows.”

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