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‘Game of Thrones was not universally loved, and nor is BIM. But both have super-fans who can spread the word to the uninitiated or sceptics and ensure that the great ...

What on earth has Game of Thrones got to do with BIM?

Sarah Fox

‘All parties to the building process can see the potential IoT brings with retrofitting. Both major and minor retrofits could be performed more effectively with smart connected operations, thus increasing ...

How the Internet of Things can link installation, operation and contracts

Angelo Ciribini

‘To achieve the transformation required to enable the step change in productivity that we all strive for, we need to move from pockets of innovation to consistent, continuously improved delivery ...

Standards and BIM key to Atkins’ digital evolution

Nick Tune

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An interesting read with many good points, well done. I still think that the BIM process is too young to ...

John Carrick
When 19650’s BIM-enabled process doesn’t go to plan

Thanks Mervyn. I have no real answer for your "train the trainer" question. For them to be trained they must ...

John Ford
When 19650’s BIM-enabled process doesn’t go to plan

This is a good initiative and works in countries where electricity is generated from renewable sources, not so good where ...

Iain Mowatt
Mandatory electric car charging points proposed for new ...

Well said John. You are of course confirming that reason why BIM Level 2 etc and the standards were proposed ...

mervyn richards
When 19650’s BIM-enabled process doesn’t go to plan

Some of us remember the "SCOLA" systems adopted by certain County Councils back in the late 1960's.

Philip Bishop
How offsite can deliver schools faster and at ...