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‘Adopting standards ensures that contractors, consultants and lead designers can offer their clients consistency in delivery approach and, with that consistency, a better designed and delivered product.’

New BIM standard removes barriers, but education is key to adoption

Stuart Bell

‘If we achieve our aims the UK will be a world leader in construction – opening the doors to opportunities in a sector expected to be worth over £10 trillion ...

Construction Innovation Hub can transform the industry

Sam Stacey

‘Digital twins cannot be conceived as simple asset information models, because they work as real-time simulators of the built asset’s performance and users’ operational occupancy modes.’

The convergence of tech giants and the AEC industry

Angelo Ciribini

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I come from China BIM union and am impressed with your ideas about ‘creating BIM silos is blocking real change ...

Creating BIM silos is blocking real change

Embracing new technology is excellent as long as the non electronic methods are still taught. Maybe I am now old ...

Sam Small
Sir Robert McAlpine implements mobile-linked BIM tool for ...

Does the 98% carbon emission account for any off-site and/or future impact of the electric machines? Motors, batteries, etc. We ...

Volvo and Skanska’s Electric Site reduces carbon emissions ...

This should catch on, but it won't make greedy propery owners happy. Well they have had it their way long ...

Blockchain pilot could unlock shared home ownership

Hi Paul, Agree with your comments. We are already incorporating ISO 19650-0, 1 and 2 into our existing 1192 implementations ...

John Evans
ISO 19650: When you should adopt it and ...