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‘It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture a situation where one faulty piece of equipment can compromise the safety of multiple workers.’

A multi-faceted challenge - dealing with maintenance on site

Bryan Christiansen, Limble CMMS

‘It is only a matter of time before clients will require contractors to provide data models of each project, complete with computational metrics, IoT-focused protocols and linked data.’

Clients and contractors must collaborate to create new AI platform

Angelo Ciribini, University of Brescia

‘The low cost and footprint of 3D printers is, in my opinion, providing a chance to radically change the way products are manufactured and delivered, especially for spare parts.’

3D printing can help solve our environmental issues

Paul Croft


What is all wiring on all the outer planks of the building for

Keith Atkinson
Dundee V&A museum - How BIM delivered a ...

What software is best for BIM /FM?

Gene Hutchinson
Back to Basics – The What, How and ...

How much was the survey area?

Henry Bajaña
HS2 drones deliver mind-blowing measurements in weeks

It appears that not many companies have bought into BIM despite it being around for over 10 years now. Why ...

A 10-point guide to starting BIM

I 100% agree! The importance of Level 2 is definitely not fully understood. I just was at Greenbuild conference and ...

Ian Hatfield
Is a single source of truth a prerequisite ...