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“Survey results from ECA, CIBSE and SELECT show that progress may be hindered by a lack of pre-existing infrastructure, high cost, and low expertise. Four in 10 clients said they ...

Apps will pave the way to a more digital industry

Steve Martin, ECA

“The International Facility Management Association published a book in 2014, called BIM for Facility Managers, yet 90% of people don’t know it exists. The UK is very compartmentalised.”

Why BIM FM uptake is slower in the UK than the US

Igor Starkov, Ecodomus

“From sensors to the Internet of Things, geospatial technology to AI and intelligent infrastructure systems, the smart city marketplace is estimated to reach $400bn by 2020.”

The importance of connected infrastructure in smart cities

Rebecca de Cicco, Digital Node


The UK seems very slow to implement BIM and understand the advantages, do you agree?

A bluffer’s guide to PAS 1192

I would like to know if there are real cases of blockchain application with bim or bim with blockchain. Thank ...

What you need to know about BIM and ...

Where is the U.K. on the list. We have not left the EU yet and hopefully won’t.

Which countries have the highest levels of BIM ...

I am an estimator, how much would a single user license cost

Ray Stone
Start-up courts contractors with AI-based BIM pre-construction software

Hi Stephen, i am working on a Capstone Experience for my college and i would like to find more information ...

Rossana Camargo
Berewood Primary School - Hampshire leads on BIM ...